Double Q Sauce SetSeveral years ago, I started “doctoring up” bottled barbeque sauces to get that “just right” taste. After several years of “doctoring” I decided to make a barbeque sauce from scratch. I continued trying different spices and other ingredients, making batches of sauce until I developed the taste I was looking for, not too sweet and not too spicy. Double Q Barbeque Sauce can best be described as smooth, tangy, and mildly sweet.

My son Phil grew up watching me make this delicious sauce and before long we were a team, DOUBLE Q. Together we decided to offer this delicious sauce to the rest of the barbeque lovers and now is blended and bottled by one of the leading sauce manufacturers in Kansas City, recognized as the Barbeque Capital of the World. We recently introduced a spicy version which has quickly become a favorite in the spicy category.

The Double Q Dry Rub & All Purpose Seasoning was also developed from scratch.The rub was initially developed to use on ribs before smoking them, however we soon discovered it was an excellent all purpose seasoning. It can be used on beef, pork, chicken, steaks, vegetables, popcorn, eggs, or anything you would use a seasoning salt on. There are also directions on the label for converting the dry rub into a liquid marinade & baste.

Mission Statement: Provide our customers with quality products made from the finest ingredients available, at a fair and reasonable price.

The DOUBLE Q team-Phil Qualman and son – Phil Qualman